Old Muscle Cars

May 1, 2017
By BOCKMAN BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
BOCKMAN BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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An old muscle car from the 60s to 80s,with a sweet paint job, and a protruding motor would obviously look snazzy.

Muscle cars from the 60s-70s, that still are in their round of life, are the most classy cars on the road today. For instance, the Road Runner is an old and very cool car. This powerful muscle car was  a very slick and popular jack wagon. Now the Mustang is a different story. They started to be produced in 1964, and are still being made today.  Mustangs, in my opinion, are one of the coolest steel buckets on the planet. For the Chevy Camaro, that was just made for competition against the Mustang. The Camaro an exceedingly sleek automobile. The French-English dictionary describes the word Camaro as a friend or buddy. The Dodge Charger has a very sharp appeal to its extra long hood and spoiler. This gas guzzler was one of the most praised cars in the late 60s.

Say you have an old muscle car, but you want it to look a little more swag; Your ride needs one thing, a new engine that pops out of the hood of your car. Protruding engines usually cool down a very powerful engine, that is on the verge of overheating. But they can also make your beast look very flashy. A putt-putt that just makes a small or large bulge on the cowl doesn’t mean you don’t have a powerful engine, because the engine needs a specific amount of oxygen and fuel at the same time. Commenting on a normal engine that is in its normal place, I think that this, depending on the car, still is cool. And by all means, no engine will get you nowhere.


Paint jobs range from glossy to rusty, and from rusty to detailed. There are all different types of paint overlays. Flame crylics are one of the most popular paint jobs on old cars. Depending on color, well, that is your choice. The types of paint jobs are varied from detailed to cartoonish ones. You can have the flames look very real, and also with smoke. Gloss is a very shiny and smooth type of cosmetic for your frame. It is a basic add over to a precise paint job. Although it is costly this glaze is worth it. Wave patterns on your car is also a good idea. It not very common but you are still able to purchase one.

From the first made, to present day models, muscle cars have always beastly. Now that you have a good idea of a sweet clunker, you can go in search for one to fit you.  Now go and watch out for some putt-putts stickin out of hoods or one of those old jack wagons on the freeway. If you go to a car show in the lower 48 you will see all different kinds of cool muscle cars. So go and get your own to pride in.

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this essay is about old and cool muscle cars

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