Gods Inerrant Word

April 30, 2017
By , Anchorage, AK

Have you read the Bible, God's inerrant word, all the way through? About 30 percent of the world has. The Bible can be very encouraging and make your day. The Bible is by far the most truthful and best book because of its important teachings, gospels that explain the Savior’s life, and the Psalms, which declare God's greatness.


The Bible has many truthful and wise teachings. It is a big book with many important stories. Truth is taught throughout the whole Bible and also through parables in the New Testament. A parable is a fictional lesson that Jesus used to teach Biblical principles. The Bible was written by God through chosen men inspired by the Holy Spirit. An example of Biblical teaching can be found in the book of Philippians, chapter two verses three and four that teach about putting others first.


 The gospels walk through the life of Jesus Christ. Gospel actually means the good news. The good news is that Jesus died for sinners. They tell us about Jesus’ life, including his birth, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. There are four different points of view represented in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, who were all there witnessing Christ's ministry on earth. They were even there at his death on the cross.


Psalms are a series of hymns and prayers in the Bible. The Psalms were written by a few people, but a lot were written by King David, who was an ancestor of Jesus. There are 150 of these hymns and prayers. God is the king and creator of everything and a refuge to those who trust him. We should always praise God, the maker of heaven and earth, and these psalms show us how.

Imagine being David, writing psalms under a tree on a sunny day, while shepherding sheep. To summarize we've learned that the Bible is filled with true and important teachings. If you read the Bible, you will discover the good news in the gospels. Have you read through each and every psalm? If you do you will be on your way to understanding the glory of God. The Bible, which is God’s inerrant word, is the most important book of all.

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