how to be successful and happy

April 15, 2017
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Everything you thought might not be what the answer is.

Many people ask me the same questions. Its almost like the complete regurgitation of a record on repeat. “Hey!, you're successful and you seem very happy. How do you manage?” Notice the phrase how “do you manage”… What i do to succeed and be happy are merely simple little tasks that snowball into a huge image which is my persona towards others. Meaning, I turned my positivity into the mask that I display towards others and myself. If the millions of people on the earth would take the time to put their phone down and experience authentic human reaction instead of artificial digital interaction, they would become way more bright. Now in this generation, asking people to put their phone down and pay attention to the real world in order to take a step towards success and happiness would be too much to ask. But another key to success is persistence and finding another way so thats what we will do.

Since the earliest of times, human behavior and emotions as well as how we react to those emotions has seemed to remain relatively linear. when someone is walking in a hurry and bump into you the common response would be to become aggravated. we humans act on emotions way more than rational thought. Just knowing that alone should be enough information to cool down and understand that its the natural reaction for people to get angry. The key to being successful hasn't any correlation with your monetary denomination being larger than those around you. Remember, money is only worth as much as the federal system says it is. So you can go poor real quick and be right next to those on the streets. Being successful means to be doing what makes you happy. Its that simple. Even a person who possesses the title of a bus driver just may be the most enlightened person in your state.

What i just stated is another key to emotional equilibrium. Judging someone based on physical appearance and job title only makes you the weak one. If you went as far as to just exchange a few words with the bus driver ( who gives off the impression to be a worthless being who never amounted to much) you might find that you will learn more from him in a few minutes than you would in a semester in college. So be careful, Take some time to refrain from judgement. You'll find that people will gravitate towards you and help you if you open up and indulge in their inner complexity. Everyone in the world no matter who they are, is fighting a battle. Just remember that. Now, the key to success is summed up into a few words: positivity, persistence, attitude, and most importantly, An understanding of your self worth and capability to achieve the unthinkable.

The keys to success and happiness are relatively similar. To be happy you must think happily and reflect what you want to be. Its like a mirror, what it reflects whats in it. You may notice that the negative people never seem to be happy except on some days. Thats because negativity feeds on itself. Believe it or not many people chose negativity over positivity because its easier on them. On the contrary, being positive has the same effect. The smallest acts of kindness can add up like change in a jar. After dong something negative, how do you feel? guilty and rotten right? what about after doing something positive? you feel like you made a little mark on society and made someones day better. The acts you commit throughout your day greatly influence how you feel. so in turn, if you're happy and do good things all day you will be happy all day. Its that simple.
The only way to “get to the top” If thats your fancy, is through the people around you. You must use the people in your life to better yourself by uplifting them. When you help those above you (in terms of job titles_, they begin to teach you. and learning is the reason we move on. But people take learning for granted. Valuable information and lessons aren't brought to you, you must earn them.

Success derives from persistence. If you're doing what you love then theres no reason to give up because its your passion. No matter what people say or do you will always find a way around it. Thats how any business or person became successful. They never gave up! If you love what you do, you wont give up. You may not be successful overnight and no one is. Its failure you should look fore instead of achievement. Failing is a way to learn. I seek to fail so i can better myself and so should you.

If you're stuck in a crappy job  that you don't like, get out! Quit! You'll be happier by just disencumbering yourself of unwanted workloads instead of having the money. You'll always find a way to move on. Risks are the way to progress. You'll never know if you don't try. Go start something new and meet new people. A majority of people prefer to remain in their comfort zone, Thats bad. Get out and uncomfortable because in reality you'll feel very good if you get out of your shell. Its hard at first cause we fear the unknown but once you're out you realize its not that bad. If we keep trying new things and exploring then theres no telling where we will end up.

Don’t let school get the best of you, its just school. Everything that you see as a complication in your life is really a smack obstacle and obstacles are made to be overcome. School kills creativity. They spend years implanting a closed minded mentality in your brain from a young age. “sit down and pay attention!” those words are the words of someone who wants to see you follow the leader. The town wolf gets further than the pack of sheep. and usually ends up dominating the whole herd. You can learn more and be more successful from a week of real world experience than you can from ten years of schooling. Learn what you want. Not what others want you to. Since when does another mortal govern what the other mortal gets to do? Just because they are older than you doesn't mean they are more wise. However don't treat them negatively. Put yourself in their shoes. Just as you are both mortals, you have a lot more in common than you think. You might just meet another amazing mind. After all, everyones a genius, the reason they might not be one yet is cause people questioned their ability to be one. Only you know what you can be. Don't let someone else tell you otherwise. Be happy and successful.

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