Person With Aids MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I don't want to die

but the odds are against me

like a crippled horse

in a stacked race

one mistake

five years ago

is the cause of this -

one mistake

five years ago

for my suffering

in this hospital.

one mistake

five years ago -

every day I feel

a little of my life

slowly draining away

from me

like the IV fluid slowly

draining into me

as the sun shines on it

creating little rainbows

that dance around the room


just out of my reach;

I can't take back

one mistake

five years ago

and I wonder

if I'll wake the

next day

My life is slowly

leaving this world

like a smooth cloud white

pebble tossed

into a lake

the color of an evergreen

in the forest's heart

making a sound so

small that no

one even bothers

to find where it's

coming from.

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i love this so much!


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