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April 7, 2017
By dragon413 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
dragon413 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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close friends, target, there fear, costume, even closer friends, alibi, money, good sense of humor, keys to their place, fake/real weapon, fake body, fake blood, their favorite alcohol,their favorite cake, bar, their birthday, cleaning materials, cameras, neighbors

1.Make friends
2.Earn trust
3.Get keys to place
4.Find out the things they fear the most
5.Find out birthday
6.Make even closer friends preferably 2 or 3 keep it small
7.Us as much money as possible
8.Buy fake body and blood
9.Get a real or fake weapon
10.Get the things they fear the most
11.Buy their favorite alcohol and cake so you can apologise after
12.Buy cleaning materials it is going to be messy
13.Make the close friends take them out on his/her birthday
14.Get the target drunk
15.Get an alibi for not being there
16.Get the neighbors in on it so they don't call the cops on you
17.Set up the prank
18.Fill fake person with fake blood
19.Smash or stab where fake blood is
20.Set up cameras
21.Wait for target
22.Get a close friend to take target's phone while not looking
23.Once target is inside scare the ever living crud out of them
24.Catch up with target because we both know they ran for the hills
25.Tell them it was a prank and also you recorded it
26.Give the cake and alcohol to them once they have calmed down
27.Clean the mess up
28.Watch video with target and friends
29.Potentially giving the keys back

The author's comments:

I find this to work out almost all the time

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