How to Fail a Math Class

April 7, 2017
By 7Dahlman GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
7Dahlman GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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A math class at your school
A teacher
Smart Friends
Dumb Friends or people that are in the same boat as you
Annoying parents
Knowledge on how to delete skyward apps from your mother's phone and or ipad
Fast writing skills

Step One:

The first day of class is vital. You will walk into class and observe your peers, or your prey. You need take time with this. Like a lion in a cage at the zoo. Walk around and meet everyone. These relationships will make or break you down the road.

Step Two:

You will need to pay attention the first few days of class/each unit. This will give you somewhat grip on what is going on until all hell breaks loose. You should be good for this first few  days, do your homework, get your good grades and show your peers that you have at least shown up and care. This is also a vital key. If people see you don’t care they won't be willing to help you down the road. This will also keep your positivity up! Good grades make everyone happy.

Step Three:

We are now mid lesson. You have no clue what you are doing, this is probably the most important part in this whole recipe. You need to find people that are also clueless and that are in the same boat as you, you will be able to build alliances and work together.

Step Four:

Find the smart people. Between you and the others that are lost, they know people that have a crystal clear understanding of what is going on. Get to know these people immediately.

Step Five:

Create a group chat. This will determine how successful you are. Homework, questions, life skills, and answers will be posted in this chat. Include everyone you know who is in the class. Do not annoy this group chat. The last thing we want is to be put on do not disturb. Kindly ask for homework answers. Don’t do it everyday but once in awhile will work. Let the other people do their fair share of asking. Give those people time. Writing the answers in your car 5 minutes before school is a must.

Step Six:

At this point you have taken a few tests that have not gone well, your grade is starting and you will encounter a major road block. Parents. “Hey um whats going on in your math class? You have dropped 12 points in like two weeks?” Remain calm. Don’t panic. “Ohhhhh yeah! It’s all good, he gave us a hard three question quiz so if you missed 1 you were screwed.” It’ll work for now. When she leaves the room, run to her phone and delete skyward immediately!

Step Seven:

Acceptance. At the end of the semester things have not gone you're way at all. This has never happened to you before and that is ok! Stay positive, grades are merely a number. Good luck!

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