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   The Cape by E. P., White River Junction, VT

"Youth comes but once in a lifetime."

       - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The icy water engulfed my body as I was shoved over the edge of the dinghy into the river. Above the horizon of the dark blue water, I could see my freckle-faced brother pointing and laughing at me while he stood dry within the safety of the boat. To his surprise, I quickly pierced the surface and began rocking the boat. Soon both of us were racing each other to the edge of the riverbank. With bare feet we walked cautiously along the shoreline searching for conch shells to add to our collection at home. Those were the days when the boats used to sit anchored with their tall masts as though waiting for the new day.

At the harbor my brother and I used to walk back and forth along the docks. I can still vividly remember the dampened boards split by time and abuse. When down on our hands and knees we would peer through the planks into the dark unknown below, wondering if any of the sea's creatures would stare right back at us. On rare occasions the sun would pierce through the shadowing clouds and create a sparkling array of sunlight across the shining waters. I loved feeling the cool breeze play with my golden strands of blonde.

The clanking of the sails on the tall masts, the swaying buoys, and the echoing fog horn, vivid memories. I can still hear the tall grass dancing with the wind as it rushed across the marshes, lifting the scent of sea life.

When autumn arrives, the beautiful trees, marked clearly by foliage, will be cold and barren. Soon thereafter, mother nature will spread out her white blankets of snow with a rush of cold ... cold are the days that I will be wondering whether or not I will be drawn so close to the ocean again.

Longfellow claims that youth comes but once in a lifetime. I believe that as long as the flames of childhood are rekindled by memory and imagination, youth lasts a lifetime.

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i love this so much!


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