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   Geographically, she lies on the northern margin of the Narragansett Basin. Topographically, she has been beautifully sculpted by the glacial movements of the Pleistocene epoch. She is much more than a 28.23 square mile piece of land - it is where I go to school, where I play, learn and worship. It is Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the place I call home.

Bridgewater, named after a small coastal town in Sommersetshire, England, was purchased from Massasoit in 1649 by Miles Standish, Samuel Nash, and Constant Southworth. Bridgewater was not fully incorporated until 1656.

In the beginning, Bridgewater encompassed an enormous parcel of land which included the present-day towns of East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, and Brockton (formerly called North Bridge-water). These three towns did not separate until 1820.

Since its inception, Bridgewater has seen innumerable changes - from an agrarian economy to a thriving industrial center, and finally to a residential community. Bridgewater has participated in approximately nine wars. Its residents first battled Indians in the 1600s and during the Civil War, its foundry made the iron castings for the Union ship Monitor. Bridgewater's war dead are honored on the monuments in our town common.

As a life-long resident, I enjoy living in Bridgewater because it is a historic and interesting place. I thrive on our town's political scene and its fascinating, diverse people.

There are countless reasons why Bridge-water is such an enjoyable place to live. Bridgewater is a safe town with a low crime rate; people take pride in their homes and it shows in the way houses have a neat, well-kept appearance. Perhaps the best part about living in this town is the scenery. Sometimes it can be a real pleasure going for a drive through Grange Park to look at the mansion-like homes.

Other Bridgewater sites worthy of a visit include Bridgewater State College and the prison. Both of these institutions have played a pivotal role in the development of the town. The college, established in 1840, was one of the state's first Normal Schools, and the prison is the largest in the Commonwealth.

I have lived in Bridgewater my entire life and have no desire to live elsewhere. Whether I'm strolling down tree-lined Main Street, or just reading my paper on the porch, I feel I am one with the town. I feel I belong here.

I have been up and down the East Coast a thousand times and I have seen many different places. Some towns are more exciting and others are wealthier, but none is better. After I raise my family and live a happy life in this town, I wish to be buried in the peaceful cemetery surrounding my beautiful church. When I am in Bridgewater I am comfortable. I am with friends; I am safe. When I am in Bridgewater, I am home. n

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