Life At Granby High MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Life At Granby High

I prefer my long hair past my waist,
Rather than short and styled,
I prefer my hair wavy
Rather than straight or curly how "everyone" has it
And I prefer "Get Smart"
to "90210"

I blend in
Even though I don't want to
I'll put myself out
So someone else will be comfortable
I just want to help my fellow man
And when they look right through me, take me for granted, and use
I don't complain, I let them use my back, I wanna be a shelter

I wanna be different,
Wanna get something done
Wanna be valedictorian -
Not gonna be, Anne has that
I'll be second best once again

I wanna be most unique
Too bad, Anne's got that too
What's so unique about
Rebelling when you're wearing preppy clothes
And your hair like the "popular" girls do
Or the color yellow
It's too cheery for me,
But it suits Anne
No offense, Anne, I like you okay
Even more than my instincts tell me I should

If I can't have these, let me at least have best friends
I know there are no better friends than me & Becky or me &
But there are more "popular" and well-known friends
Like Anne & Christy, if she doesn't leave,
Or Lisa if she does,
So forget that

I might just get most artistic
But maybe not
People don't know anything
I hope they open their eyes
Because most artistic is the most I could hope for
Best dressed? I think not
That's Val, with her always "in style" clothes
And she looks real nice
But what's "in" got to do with me
When we're all dead and gone,
And don't leave a mark on the world?
Best looking? No way
No one calls a fat girl pretty
The guys like me, sure,
But they would never ask me out,
Not like "the Average American teenage girl"
Everyone seems to think I am,
At least that's how they treat me

But this is getting long
And even though I could go on for centuries
I have to stop,
Or no one will read this,
And I want to let everyone know
What a shelter in the storm feels
Or what I feel
Did I mean for them to be the same?
Sorry if I confused you,
Just wanted to give everyone a little pleasure
From a little poem
I wrote.

by M. G., Granby, MA

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i love this so much!


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