The Best Writer Ever

March 7, 2017
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There are many ways you can write a paper. Every writer has their own way or style on writing a paper. I think mine is unique. I look at every draft separately, take it word by word and try to make every draft as best as I can.

To make the best paper, I try to come up with the best situation or topic that fits the requirements for the paper. If it is more of a serious paper I come up with a serious topic and if it is more of a comical paper I come up with a comical topic. I try to use experiences for my topics, I think it is the easiest way to come up with ideas instead of using something fictional.

The first draft can be easy or hard, it isn’t going to be perfect. Sometimes I think it is easier to throw words on the paper and edit it on the next draft. The first draft can be fun because you get to create the story. Some would say it is relaxing. The second and third drafts are a little more challenging. I mostly look for grammar mistakes because the spelling mistakes are easy to catch. Every so often I have to rephrase. Right before I hand in my paper, I will run it through an essay checker to make sure it is perfect.  Usually it doesn’t catch that many mistakes because I catch most of them.

I think writing is rewarding. Words can’t describe how good it feels to finish writing a paper. It’s like finishing a test, I’m just glad the paper is done. I would say my writing style, for at least the first draft is get it done. Then I have a foundation to work with. It makes the editing a little harder but I think this technique works the best with me.

As a writer I think I have improved a bunch over the course of this trimester. My grades constantly kept getting better and so did my confidence. The first paper we wrote for a score was our descriptive essay. When she gave us the requirements, I was shocked. I thought it was ridiculous. How many requirements there were and how fast it all had to get done. I pushed through and got it done. I didn’t get the score I was hoping for. I examined my paper and found my mistakes. I made a couple of easy screw ups. I fixed them and I used them to become a better writer on the Nature Walk. My hard work payed off my score jumped a little bit. That paper was a little bit easier to write because I had time management. I knew what and how long it would take to type this paper. By the time I made it to the last paper, the definition essay. It was like I did it for a job. My score jumped tremendously. All the way to an 84. Sadly, I accidentally turned the paper in late so I was docked a few points. The more I wrote the easier it was coming up with material to write about.

By far my favorite essay was the memoir essay. It made me think about the good days, back when I didn’t have to work so much. Everything from my memoir was true so I thought it was easiest to recall information instead of coming up with something fake. The other essays were fine too. The descriptive one was definitely the hardest, but all the essays presented their own challenge.

I think this year I became the best writer I probably ever will. I have learned new writing strategies and techniques. I couldn’t of done it without my reading group or my writing partner Cole Rossman. I even had a couple other people read my paper to make sure it is the best it can be. Over this trimester I learned plenty about myself as a writer and how it’s not that bad if you try. I like speech more but this class wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be.

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