March 6, 2017
By katelynw BRONZE, Hastings, Michigan
katelynw BRONZE, Hastings, Michigan
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Having a sister is both a gift and curse all in one. A sister is great to have because no matter what, you’ll always have a best friend and mentor, and because she’s family, you have to accept each other for who you are and remember that you’ll never be able to get rid of her. If you have a sister, you notice that later in life, you and your sister have basically become a part of one another and you can’t imagine life without the other. Despite the benefits that follow along with having a sister, there are many downsides. If your sister is anything like mine you know that you’re not always getting along like bff’s. There’s arguments, fights, her stealing your things, her always having to be right about everything, and many more. But then, there’s the funny inside jokes, her always making you laugh even when you’re having a bad day, always having someone to hangout with, someone to go shopping with, someone to share clothes with, someone that will never tell your secrets, and best of all is having that built- in best friend. Although there are pros and cons with having a sister, I would never trade mine for the world.


My sister was born when I was three years old. I remember meeting her for the first time at the hospital and jumping up and down at the front door as my mom walked in the house with my new sibling. Unlike every other person you would ask that has a sibling, I was actually super excited to finally have a sister. 

Because I grew up with my sister, I was never really too concerned about making friends at school. I knew that whether or not I had any friends, I still had my sister. My sister and I tell each other everything, literally. I remember when we were younger and couldn’t sleep, we would meet in one of each other's rooms, and talk and giggle over pointless things all night long. Because we’ve lived with each other our whole lives, we are closer than ever. Throughout life, we’ve made thousands of inside jokes that only we understand, and we even share the same interests and do basically everything together. From soccer, dance, and cheerleading, she has always been on the same team as me because she always follows me  and does everything I do.

Although I’m making it sound like my sister’s all nice and sweet, just like every other sibling relationships we do fight quite often. Whether it’s fighting about  who gets to be in control of the TV remote, or arguing about why she stole my shirt and a pair of my shoes to wear to school, it’s always about the dumbest things. I remember when we were younger, we were playing with all these new barbies we had just got for christmas. We were arguing about who got to play with the new barbie we had gotten. It ended up resulting in her getting mad and smashing me in the face with it, knocking out my two front teeth that I accidentally swallowed.

When I was younger and my parents split up and got a divorce, it took a huge toll on my life. I was woken up one morning by my dad telling me that he was leaving and he didn’t know when I was going to see him next. My dad and I were really close. I was the “daddy’s girl” in the family. After my dad left I didn’t know what to do. After having him there for me my whole life supporting me in everything I do, now he was just gone. For a long time, I didn’t feel like doing anything and I was depressed. However, my sister was always there for me and understood how I felt. Although it felt very different to not have my dad around all the time anymore, my parents splitting up made mine and my sister’s bond even stronger than before, and I’m more than thankful that I had her by my side the whole time.

Sister relationships aren’t like the typical relationship you have with a brother. They are something beyond more special and far more unique. With having a sister, you’re very talkative and can talk to them about anything. You somehow end up chatting about random things on and on for hours. With brother relationships, that’s different. Brother- sister relationships aren’t quite the same because you can’t just talk about anything like sisters can because you don’t connect in the same way. Sisters also compare in many ways because you relate and have a lot more things in common. When spending time with your sister, you might go out and do something fun that you both love to do. But, when hanging out with your brother, you might just find yourself sitting in front of a TV playing video games. Overall, sister- sister relationships are different than brother- sister relationships because sisters have a lot more things in common which brings their bond closer together different than with a brother.
As an older sister, the joys and pains of having a little sister are experienced universally. Time passes and you can look back at all of the many unforgettable memories you have, and realize how glad you are that you had your little sister to keep you on your toes for all of the best years of your life, through the good times and some of the bad. She’s the person I care for with all of my heart and sometimes hate passionately. She’s the one I misbehave with, yet the one who often keeps me in check. I’ve been with her since day one, and she’s changed my life forever. She is truly my partner in every crime, my shoulder to cry on when life is too much too handle on my own, the one who’s always making me laugh until I have tears rolling down my face, and my very best friend. Although having a sister is both a gift and curse all in one, our bond is one I  wouldn’t trade for the world.

The author's comments:

This is a peice I wrote to describe what it's like to have a little sister, and the impact my little sister has had on my life. 

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