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March 3, 2017
By KaylaBranstrom BRONZE, Ponsford, Minnesota
KaylaBranstrom BRONZE, Ponsford, Minnesota
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Looking around, I see many tall and beautiful trees. Some of the trees are still young and hopeful, while others are aged and wise. The word trees is such a basic word for how wonderful and different trees are. The word trees and the word people are like putting a label on things and making them basic, when in all reality each is so unique.

Whether the tree is coniferous or deciduous, each possesses its own beauty. The dead and fallen trees may seem lifeless laying there in the underbrush, but they too are full of life The tree itself may not be alive, but moss is growing on the trees and if you look closely you can see tiny insects wandering to and fro. Ferns, vines and other fresh, fragile trees slowly grow amongst the fallen, but still lively trees. Sticks can be seen under the thin layer of leaves that coat the ground. These sticks make me feel as if part of the trees have lost themselves to the underbrush. As these wet leaves coat the entire ground I can’t help but smell the comforting scent they give off, almost as if they are smelling a glimmer of heaven. As I listen, I can hear the birds quietly chirping while others break out in a song. I wonder if they are singing about nature's beauty.

With a change of view I notice how the trees surround the swamp. Atop these trees are many colorful leaves that are dancing, twirling and spinning in the wind, about to be set free. This change in color makes me think of some people taking that next step towards college. Our lives, as seniors, are about to change dramatically within the next year. Some of us are ready for this next step while others are still unsure of what we would like to do. Trees surrounding the pond like I stand looking towards my future.

In my life, I consider myself to be one of those trees who have begun to turn color. Still mostly green, I am in the process.... I know that I have a lot of work that needs to be done in order to be able to take that next big step, but I feel as if I need some more help. There are many birds jumping from tree to tree and I can’t help but picture these birds to be the people who help us in the process. Without these helpful birds, I would not be prepared for this opportunity that is about to be knocking at my door. 

Looking over the swamp I can see there are many groups of cattails swaying back and forth like waving arms. “Pick me. Pick me.” I imagine them saying. As I get the many items from colleges in the mail, I get a bit overwhelmed like maybe these trees are with all of our opportunities. Opportunities. That is what life's all about. Now as I narrow my eyes on a few different cattails groupings (or colleges) I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, I think I made up my mind, but then I look over at another group and another…..which one will I choose? Choices...opportunities. While we all taste and explore these opportunities we are constantly smelling that terrible stench of failure. That is the one thing that I think we are all nervous about. What if I make the wrong decision?


“Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” Keri Russell


While I sit here looking over this pond like a tree, I can’t from falling through the trapdoor of realization. Yes, my life is about to change dramatically. I can hesitate or I can stand tall like the trees around me and be confident enough in myself to know that with all of the opportunities I am given that I will make the best decision for me. So from this point forward I will put one foot in front of the other and make my way to the pond, not just fall to the ground as a dead tree, but I will prosper and thrive in this world just like life is in the woods, thriving.

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