Worcester MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


Excitement throughout the city, busy people heading for
their destination,
Congested traffic - loud, shrill noises everywhere,
Strangers as well as familiar faces,
Everyone has something to do, somewhere to go,
Activity bursting throughout in a carnival, spring
concerts, tourist shows,
Traditional First Night, overall togetherness, unity.
Acceptance of diverse cultures and variety of all people;
a representation of other nations unknown,
Shopping at malls, eating downtown, stopping for side-
street performances of all sorts,
Different sections of race; White, Black, Hispanic,
Italian, Jewish, Greek, Vietnamese,
Words are spoken, and pride can be lost or found so
very quickly,
Street basketball games - strangers finding unity through
their common love of sports,
The smell of fresh bread baking near the park,
Various forms of structural tradition, architecture so
vast and texture so real,
Excitement, experiences, ethnicity;
That is what city-life and Worcester possess.

by S. E., Shrewsbury, MA

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i love this so much!


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