A person who had a positive impact on me!!!

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

The person who had a positive impact on me was Ms.Gutierrez. Everyone calls her Ms.G. She had a positive impact on me because she help me realized that some of my old friends were bad influence. They influenced me by telling me to go skipp with them.
Everything started when I was in the 9th grade. I meet three girls the second semester of my freshman year. Her names are K---, Y----, and A----. When I meet them I was happy because they were really nice to me. I remember that everybody including my friends used to tell me not to hang around with them because they were bad influence. I did not listen to them, but now for my experience I know the reason why they used to tell me that.
After I started hanging around with them I lost a lot of my old friends. They stopped talking to me because I did not want to stop talking to my new friends. So as time when by I started hanging around with them more and then one day they asked me if I wanted to go skipped with them so I did. At first I was scared of getting caught, but then I started loosing my fears and started skipping a lot. Sometimes there would be times were I would only attended to school once or twice a week.
Then the day were I got caught came. Officer Rojas caught me skipping and he called my mom. I was put in ISS (IN-School-Suspension). I was scared because I knew I was going to get in trouble with my parents. A couple of days passed after I started skipping again. I never thought my parents were going to find out again until the day when they received a letter from court. The letter said that because if the absents I had I was going to get sent to court. My parents were upset with me, and my mom came and talk to Ms. G. about the absents I had.
My mom talked to Ms. G. and she asked her if she could talk to me about my absents. So Ms. G talk to me she made me realized how stupid I was for hanging around with them. I realized that they were bad influenced . Now thanks to Ms. G that made a pisitive impact on me i attend to school everyday, and I stoped talking to those girls.

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