A person who had a positive impact on me..

November 6, 2008
The story of when my cousin Robert had in impact on me was when he told me to stay in school and not to do drug's and I asked why. He said he was a dropout and that he started doing drugs. I was surprised when he told me he was doing drugs so I asked him what happen. He said he was a dropout and I had nothing to do so I started using drugs for a while so I started looking for a job until I found one. Life is hard he said and you know how to live it or learn how to survive because anything will not be handed to you. You have to work for everything in life. He helps me with my homework, and get's me out of trouble with my parent's.
He take's me to places to learn how life was and is today. Sometimes he let's me stay at his house for a week or even longer. Whenever I am at his house he take's me to go eat at restaurants or sometime's he cooks' for me at his house. He buy's me clothes and he washes my clothes but that's sometimes he doesn't do it all the time. He make's fun of me and I get mad at him for a while.
He give's me money for shopping, school, and to buy myself things. I buy clothes, shoes, and jewelry. He brings me to school and take's me to the stores for whatever I need. He take's care of me so much he doesn't let me get close to drugs that's a good thing. I am thankful and I think that is really nice of him and he makes me feel happy. He makes me feel safe around him. I feel great knowing that he is there to support me. He is like a big brother to me. He impacts me everyday when he does these things for me and I am grateful for this.

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