Keeping it until the day i die

March 21, 2009
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I sit there at my table and try to remeber what i was writing about. Why the Egyptians did this and that. Tears run down my face as i think about what is going to happen in just a little while. My hands keep making mistakes and my sight turns blurry and tears cover the keys. I hear my parents in the other room and my dogs shallow breathing. It sounds so weak and rough that it breaks my heart just to listen. I look around that chair and turn quickly away, not wanting my parents to see me like this.
A jumps as someone knocks on the door and more tears run down my face for knowing who it is.I satnd up as my parents do also and slowly walk to the door. I welcome the vet and his daughter as they come into my house for the worse thing that could happen in my life. He kneels down and looks my dog over. I turn away and go back to my work, not wanting to see what happens next even though i know what it is. I hear my dad calling him a good boy and tell him its almost over.
I hear my mom start crying so hard she cant breathe. I stand up to see my dad carefully pick up his limp body and slowly walk out the front door. I walk up and hug my mom as tight as i could without killing her and cry with her. My taers come even harder than they had before and i soak my mom's dark hair. I feel my heart skip a beat and i was surprised that it didn't stop altogether. I watch as my dad and the vet bury his body. The body of a dog that i had since i was one and was family to me. I didn't sleep at all that night knowing that my dog and my best friend was gone and would never see him again.
I cry every time i hear his name or someone mentions him at all. I will never forget him and always love him. I made that promise the night he died and i plan to keep it until the day i die.

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