One won't hurt you

March 20, 2009
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'One won't hurt you, come one.' said Jimmy.

Jimmy had short brown hair and kind of a stocky build.
He had played football every year of high school. He graduated the year before that summer. It had been my eighth grade summer, and I seemed attached to my older brother. When I saw Jimmy pull out a bag with enough pot to make at least ten people high, not saying anything, changed my life for that second and for the hours to come.

As my parents headed off for the weekend, my brother, Trevor, and I ventured out too. He went to help some friends stack hay, and I, being the younger sibling, had to walk to meet him half way when he called to say they had finished. That way we could go to a party at his friend Jay's house. Jay had been one of Trevor's friends since freshman year. Until, Jay left and went to Beck. Since he moved, they hadn't talked much.

'Hello?' I answered the phone, and heard Trevor's voice on the other end.

'Hey, Matt called and said he doesn't need help anymore. I'm going to come get you so that way we can go ahead and leave.' Quickly I hung up the phone, and ran to get my swimsuit. As Trevor pulled up, I noticed Jay sitting in the passenger seat. Jolting out of the front door, I saw Jay smile at me, as Trevor unlocked the door. We were off, for a night I thought that might be fun, how wrong I had been.

Next to Jay's driveway, sat two other trucks. One had been Jimmy's truck and the other one, Travis's truck. I had know Travis for a long time. He had also been a friend of Trevor's for a long time. Jimmy however, I didn't know at all.
He had never come over to our house like the rest of the guys, so I suspected Trevor and him weren't good friends.

After we all had a chance to change, Jay happened to be the first one to jump in. Some how, I ended up being the second one in the pool, because Jay came and picked me up to throw me in. I had to jump right back out because the freezing cold water did not feel good. 'Do you guys want to go get some fluid for the tiki torches?' asked Jay to Trevor.

'Sure, let me go get a towel first.' replied Trevor. I ran and jumped into the truck. We went to Dollar General, by the time we finally arrived there, the store closed. Trevor called Jay to ask him what to do, he told us just to come back to his house. When we got back, everyone had sat down on the truck tailgates and talking. The only tailgate open had been next to Jimmy.
While I sat next to him, he pulled out a plastic bag full of weed. I glanced over at first and didn't realize what he had.

'Want some?' Jimmy asked me. Acting like I didn't hear him, he poked me and asked me again. I couldn't say anything because, fighting back and forth, my mind didn't know what to do. I kind of wanted to take the offer, but then my common sense kicked in. I just looked at him for a second, 'Umm'' is all I could mange to get out of my mouth. All of a sudden words came pouring out. 'No way, I couldn't, I don't want to.' I told him.

'Sure you can, one won't hurt you. Besides it will talk you to a far away place.' said Jimmy.
'No.' I said as I jumped up and walked over to where Trevor and jeff were talking.

'What's wrong?' he asked me.

'Nothing. Can we leave soon?' I asked Trevor.

'Sure we can.' replied Trevor.

'One won't hurt you.' is the thing that kept me knowing that one would hurt me. I am still happy I said no to this day. I saw how they had screwed up Jimmy's mind, not to mention a football scholarship. I didn't even want to try them. Nevertheless, saying nothing at first changed my life for that second and for forever after that.

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