The New Girl

March 20, 2009
By jake Haugen BRONZE, Who Cares, Michigan
jake Haugen BRONZE, Who Cares, Michigan
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Stowing down the cramp, musty, and deserted hallway, I felt a new sense of pride and freedom. For some reason, I was happy even though I just went through a break-up with who I thought was the girl of my dreams. But, I didn't care. It happened this morning. Coming into school I walked up to her. She had her dark black hair that glistened with small glitter, tied up in such a tight pony tail that you could see every detail of her perfect scalp. She wore the same sweatshirt that she had been wearing when I woke up in the hospital with her standing over me. Then, she said the words no one ever wants to hear with tears descending her face and a quiet sob emanating from her lips. She gave one last goodbye and then she was off, never turning back, not even giving me a second thought. Should I be sad? I didn't feel that bad. Maybe it was time for a change.
I was on a mission to pick up something for a teacher. After finishing the mission I proceeded back to my class. I was almost to class when I rounded a corner and there she was. I thought I was dreaming. I closed my eyes counted to three and opened them again.
'It must have been a trick of the eyes.' I whispered
'What was a trick of the eye?' a voice from behind me asked. I turned to see her. She was even more striking up close. She was just over five foot, and her dark brown hair fell freely to her shoulders; it was laced with blond highlights and a touch of blood red that looked brilliant in the light. Her hazel eyes that blazed with fire and command couldn't have complemented her face more, especially her thin lips and her eye-catching cheek bones. She wore a pair of khaki shorts and a white sleeveless top. I couldn't put my finger on what it was but there something about her; just something that enticed me. I still thought I was dreaming.
'Nothing.' I stammered, my eyes still trained on her face.
'Um' well bye.' she said, our eyes meeting before she turned and moved with lithe steps.
'Who are you?' I asked myself before walking in the other direction and into my class. During class, I couldn't get my mind off of her and the confrontation that we had. A sharp sound that emanated from the loud speaker sounded like nails against a chalkboard. It signaled the end of class and my daydream. Striding out of class I could almost hear her voice. Suddenly, I toppled forward as a classmate crashed into me. I looked up dazed to see her face again as mine went red. My papers lay scattered over me, one on my face of the picture that I had drawn of her. I normally don't draw but I just felt like I should. It was a pitiful attempt just like all of my drawings. Scurrying to my feet, I picked up all of my papers. She dropped to one knee to help.
'Hi again'
'Hi' I replied.
'I think that's it.'
'Yep,' I said picking up the pile that I had collected. 'I don't think we ever met properly.'
'No we did not.'
'Well, hello.'
'What class do you have next?'
'Me too.'
'Well we should be off. Walk with me?'
'Sure.' She answered holding out her arm. I took it gracefully, savoring her soft skin and warm body. The trip was brief, one thing that I didn't like about this school.
Arriving at the door, I pronounced in the most congenial voice I could come up with, 'Ladies first.'
'Thank you.'
'You're welcome.' Before I could follow her in I was stopped by one of my friends. He looked like he was in a good mood. His dark brown hair curled at the end as it met his eyes. His teeth were decorated with braces and he wore a pair of jeans that were about 6 inches too short and a black t-shirt that exemplified the Punisher's skull doused with a grey and green sweatshirt.
'Hey, sup?' he asked
'Not much, you?'
A voice came from behind him, 'Ditto.' It was her.
'Hey, have you met'' I asked
'Yes, remember she was in our fifth grade class.' He replied. The bell sounded signaling the start of the class. Nothing much happened in the class. I just daydreamed about her, even though she had the seat in front of me. Finally class finished. I hung back after class to wait for her. I overheard her talking to one of her friends.
'So what now?' her friend asked
'Now we're through.'
'Really?' the friend asked 'You guys made such a good couple.'
'Yep.' She replied. Hope filled my thoughts. She was single, perfect. Over a course of time I became close to her. I even came close to asking her out on a date, but I just quaked in my boots as I thought of confronting her. I had told my friend how I felt and he said that he understood. I finally got the courage to ask her out but on that same day, I received some shocking news. It was three months after we had met in that fateful hallway. The date was the end of January.
'Morning,' I commenced in a tired voice 'Before I forget, I have to ask you something that's really important.'
'Ok,' She replied, her voice hinting eagerness, 'but I have something to tell you first.'
'As you wish,' I replied, but before she could speak, my friend came up from behind her and took her in his arm. 'Umm' hey dude?'
'Hey did you hear the news?' he asked, not even pausing for my answer, 'were going out,' motioning between him and her.
'That's great.' I replied, my face turning red.
'Isn't it'
'Yep,' I said.
I thought of my ex. How we had ended. This felt like someone had hit me in the gut. The rest of the day I was lost in sorrow. The final bell rang quicker that I had hoped for. I passed her in the hallway, faking a smile so she wouldn't see the grief that she has caused me. I saw him with her too. I felt something strange in my chest called heartache, a hurt so profound it becomes hard to breathe. I had never felt it before, and I wondered if it would ever go away. Even though I knew that we were still friends, I remained sad throughout their relationship. I now realize that you can't always get what you what no matter how much you ask for it.

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