The Drug Life

March 19, 2009
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Before I went to treatment I was a bad kid. I lied, cheated, and stole from people. I didn't care who it was I just did it. Me and my using friends would even walk around places and jump whoever we found even if we didn't know the person just to see if they had any drugs on them.

I started using drugs when I was eleven. I started using pot and alcohol. I got hooked on them and I started not caring about everything, I didn't even care about my family. I would throw parties in my garage, and in my house and I would tell my mom off when she would tell them they had to go. I didn't care what anybody said to me. If somebody came and talked to me I would just leave and go party. I started doing pills when I was like 13. I started with adderall and then moved on to vicodin, percs, oxycotton. I started doing pills everyday, I snorted every pill I had I never swallow them. I would take pills and drink alcohol. I didn't care what it did to my body I loved the feeling the mixture gave to me. When I was 14 I started using meth. I started using like a ' gram a day. About six months later I was using about 1' grams a day. About 2 months later I was using almost 5 ' grams a day. At this time I was stealing things to get money for the drugs. I would steal things every night (from little things like bikes and metal to cars and trucks to scrap for money). I didn't care who I stole from I needed the money to get the drugs. I smoked weed, did meth, drank beer, and took pills almost every day. That's what I spent every last penny on is drugs. I never spent my money on something good. Nobody in my family new what drugs I was doing but nobody expected me to be using meth. When I started using meth, I did nothing with my family. I stopped going to the family reunions, I didn't go out to eat with my family when they wanted me to. I stopped going with my mom on trips when she wanted to go visit people. I stopped doing a lot of things with my mom unless what we were doing was for me. I hated being with my family when I was using because I didn't want them to see me taking my life because I was addicted to drugs and liked it so much I couldn't stop. When I was 15 I got put on truancy for skipping school to go out and get weed. About 4 months later I decided to switch to central high school from east and my last day there I mooned a class and got indecent exposure for it and also got disorderly conduct for telling the counselor and principle off. Then about a month later I got busted with 7 marijuana pipes and got paraphernalia ticket. I got a probation officer and she started giving me piss tests and I failed every time. She decided to put me in outpatient treatment and that didn't work either. I was in it for 5 months and got piss tests every week and failed every one of them. On august 13 of 2008, I had court for truancy and the judge decided to send me to treatment, that day, for 30 days. So I had to go home and pack my clothes and everything else I needed for a month. When I got to treatment I was nervous and I didn't want to be there. My second day there my best friend walked in because his probation officer sent him to the treatment too. I did my 30 days in treatment and my pants were to baggy the last week I was there and they told me to pull them up and I didn't so they called the police and gave me another indecent exposure ticket and locked me up for 11' days to think about what I did wrong and then sent me back to the same treatment center. On October 27 2008 they let me out of treatment. I started going to the sober school but that didn't help me very much. On October 30 2008 I lost my father to a major stoke and I relapsed that whole weekend on alcohol. I told my drug counselor and probation officer that I only had one drink but I had been drinking all weekend none stop. I got back on track and went to some meetings that my probation officer told me I had to go to or she would send me back to treatment. I went to court for that crap I did in treatment and my probation officer had told the judge that sent me to treatment that I had relapsed and he got mad. I told the judge I relapsed because I lost my father from a stroke and he said that he understands and let me slide with it. He said but next time I'll send you back to treatment. Every piss test that I've got since I got out of treatment has been clean except that one weekend. I get a lot of help from my friends and mostly my girlfriend to stay clean. I get a lot of help from my family too, my uncle just retired from the Air Force and is doing great, I'm proud of him. My uncle Dan is the greatest, and I couldn't find a better uncle. He served for almost 25 years fighting for our country, and has been to Iraq a few times too. I can talk to him about anything and he will give me the answers I need. That is how my life has changed in the past few years.

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