Rude Awakening

February 6, 2017

This morning just started off with a rude awakening, roughly around 3am I woke up to a loud pounding on my window. I had just ignored this the first time but the second time it had gotten louder and a bit more aggressive. So i opened my blinds very scarce only to see my uncle who happen to be leaving at this time, His car broke down so I of course opened the door and fell softly back to sleep, Only 3 hours after I had woken up very late, 30 mins to be exacted. So I rushed, hopped in the shower and got ready for school. As I finished brushing my teeth and doing my hair I had noticed some scruff for my sideburns and personally I do like clean shaving. So as I had my music playing I decided to do a little dance while I was shaving and well don’t mix the two! As I was coming down my left cheek bone, my razor sliced my skin usually when you cut yourself shaving oh, it's fast and you feel it and you pull it out right away. But on no, this cut happend while I was jamming out so I hadn't realized till it had come down half my cheek bone. I felt the warm liquid flow down my cheek bone almost hitting my neck when not knowing what to do, I checked to see how much time i had to try and stop the bleeding but had had none, I was actually 5 mins late so, i grabbed some toilet paper, dabbed my cut, told my mom bye, threw the toilet paper away, then walked out into the crisp cold air which immediately pierced the blood making the cut feel 10 times as bad . I had begun my walk and hated the feeling, it wasn’t a cut on my arm or leg you could just cover up, it is a cut right on my face and it’s as noticeable as the pimple you get once a month right in the center of your forehead but frankly I really don't mind it.

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