Cats and Kittens

February 3, 2017
By , Anchorage, AK

Have you ever heard that cats have nine lives? In reality, they only have one. Cats are very unique creatures, having very strange attributes contributing to their hunting tendencies. Did you know cats can survive drops from tall buildings? They were domesticated over 9,000 years ago. Even some of the furry critters history is interesting.

Have you ever wondered what makes a cat, a cat? one of the lesser known facts about cats is that they have two noses. The first nose is like ours on the outside of our bodies but the second one is on the roof of their mouth. This nose is typically used for sniffing other cats. They also have a compressible rib cage and special shoulder blades enabling them to squeeze though tight spaces. Even cats whiskers are important to help them sense prey better. These rambunctious ratters are considered to have nine lives because they seem to get out of the worst situations. The reason why is because of their compressible rib cages, floating shoulder blades, and twistable vertebrae to help them to land on all fours.

It is amazing to think about how cats went from wild animal to house cat in just a few generations. Cats were domesticated about 9,500 years ago in Egypt. As you can tell, things have changed a lot since then. Did you know that MIT lets cats in the dorms to help with the pest problem? In the warmer climates there are cats
 that did not get the chance to be domesticated, these are feral cats. Cats may seem useless to some but they were the first to be utilized to keep pests out of plants.


For years cats were worshipped, but now they're just pets. Cats were  praised in Ancient Egypt and thought to be the embodiment of a god. Cats popularity spread to Rome and they were ones to use them a pest patrol. During the bubonic plague cats were believed to be responsible for this outbreak.They were killed because of this  even though it was the pests the cats were hunting. Cats have also been blamed for curses specifically black cats.
After you return home, the smell of breakfast still wafting in the air. All you can think about is getting to bed or doing homework. Your cat just happens to show up at your door waiting for you to return. Cats will always be hunters and they still have the special characteristics to go along with them. From the “lions” in our home who knows whats next after being hunted out of superstition it seems like they can survive anything. Cats have been loved for a long time and they will continue to be loved for a long time.

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