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March 17, 2009
What matters to me the most is my dog. My dog is the cutest thing in the world, she is a Bishon Frise. Her name is baby.

When I first got Baby I was five. She was as small as my little arm. She was the runt of the family. She was so soft and puffy. The night that we got her I remember going to Meijer and looking for a collar for her. All of the dog ones were too big! So we had to get her a cat collar.

On are way home she sat on my lap. I would pet her and give her kisses on her wet puppy nose. I could smell the new puppy smell. I thanked my parents a bunch of times. I feel asleep with her on my lap.

The only reason why we bought Baby is because we had a different Bishon Frise. Her name was Princess. She was an old and crabby dog. Baby was supposed to be her little playful friend, but that plan did not work very well. Princess just became meaner.

One night everyone sat down in our basement and gave out name ideas. I gave out the idea of the name Baby. My mom said that it would be cool for her name to be Duchess. Then it would be the Princess and the Duchess. I didn't like that name. I was determined to have her name be Baby. Today her real, full name is Duchess Baby. But everyone calls her Baby.

I love my dog mostly because I can cuddle with her. She makes me feel better when I am sad. I love the warmth of her kisses and the wetness of her nose. It always makes my day!

There are just so many small things that make me love her so much! I am so glad that I have her. I know that most people think they have the best dog in the world, but I really do.

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