Cooperstown Injury

March 15, 2009
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As we left home, on our way to the airport, my mind was racing with thoughts of excitement. These seven days would be one of the best times of my life. My family's life was about to change as we headed to New York. I was feeling ready to get there and have some fun before the big tournament in Cooperstown. My team was playing excellent ball as we embarked to become number one in the country out of the top ninety-five teams. We were going to have to play grade A baseball since most of the teams were state wide teams compared to our neighborhood team.

As I arrived at Dreams Park, where most of the games will be played, I started to get butterflies in my stomach at the thought of the competition we would soon face. I grabbed all my bags and headed towards my cabin where the rest of the team was staying. The first day was arrival, introduction, and mini games. We all arrived and were all pumped for the games that start the following day.

Our first game of the tournament was against the Brooklyn Cyclones and I was starting pitcher for the game. I pitched well and we got out to an early lead. We kept up the heat and won the game early by eight runs ruling them. We felt proud but we knew we had to win more, and that's exactly what we did when we beat a team from Michigan.

2-0, and in control of our own destiny we were feeling strong. Our next game in our four game bracket was against the Show-Me State Tigers from Missouri. My team and I were pumped, but no one was ready for what was about to happen, including me. We needed a win and I was starting pitcher again. My arm was tired but I had to come clutch for my team. I pitched well, blowing the balls by the Tigers. My pitching was unhittable and we had a lead over the Tigers early, but my arm was tiring, I stayed in for one more inning and told my coach I was done after that inning. I get out there and bring the heat one more time. I had one out and two strikes on the hitter at the plate. I wound up and brought a fastball and struck the batter out, but what was that sound when I threw that pitch. Did my elbow just pop, I thought to myself. I called the coach over and I couldn't even straighten my arm. I went and sat down on the bench. I didn't get in the rest of the game and was nervous about my future playing baseball. I went back to my cabin at the end of the game and the rest of the coaches and teammates looked at my elbow. My coaches decided that I not play the rest of the tournament. I was crushed that I couldn't play, but I had to be mentally tough for my team. We finished fifteenth out of ninety-five teams and I'm proud of how well we did.

When I got back to Colorado I found out I had opened my growth plate and just needed time to heal. It really was a time to remember. I will never forget what happened and how my coaches saved my baseball future.

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