Run Faster

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a group of drunk teenagers who are running from the police come through your backyard? I have. I should probably first tell you how we found out.

It was at least ten o'clock at night. I was trying to sleep upstairs. My dog starts attempting to break down the back door with his claws. He was the first one to notice the flashing lights speeding across the yard.

A few of the drunken teens leaped over the front fence as I came down stairs and my dog was let outside. They sped across the yard as fast as they possibly could; their shoes flashing like most small shoes do. The people who didn't make it over the back fence were instantly cornered behind the bush in my backyard. Though my dog is only three feet tall, he could have seemed like a fifteen foot guard dog to the people in the corner, who were hiding like scared little kids. Honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had wet their pants. While my dad made sure the dog didn't kill those people (which he definitely could do), my mom went to speak with the police officers out front.

I bet you are now wondering what happened to those who escaped from our dog. The others who had jumped over the fence ran until the officers who live behind us caught them. When questioned what they were doing there they replied, 'We're running from the police.' To this the officer commented, 'Well, you didn't run far enough.'

The kids were then taken to the police station where they were to wait for their parents or wait to be jailed. They kept complaining about their parents wanting them home until they finally could call them. Their parents weren't going to come get them; they believed that their kids deserved what they got.

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