Simplicity Dream

March 13, 2009
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Today I tried to think of my favorite past time memory. Something that would define the simple essence of being a kid. I thought for some time. For some reason I thought I would automatically know. Childhood is supposed to be memorable right? well the best moments are at least. As I was sitting my desk in school drifting into another daydream it occurred to me. The memory flooded back to me at full force. It flooded my head and it was all I was aware of. It was like watching a movie, being played out in my head. I remembered it was very bright where I was. The exact location I'm not sure. I was in a windy clearing .The sun's rays were reflecting off my hair making it look like gold. It was like I was looking out on myself instead of through my own eyes. Like I was an on looker . I tasted the air and somehow it tasted delicious. There were daisies and white clovers everywhere. I picked many of them. I delight growing by each bloom that I placed in my tiny palms. I laid in the grass. It felt like straw I remember. Then I thought to myself 'I wish everything were this simple.'

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