Those Crazy Friday Nights

March 13, 2009
Every Friday night you could go and catch a movie downtown at the Ritz for a discount with your student ID. Almost everyone you knew from school would be there. After purchasing tickets you would find yourself in the lobby filled with kids you knew laughing and talking all around you, waiting anxiously for others in their group to get their snacks at the confession stand.
The seats inside of the theater are always a comfort and kept very clean. Movies are shown at their approximate time with not so many previews. You can feel the excitement in the theater when the movie is just about to begin, especially if it is brand new. It is one of the hit places in town to spend your Friday nights.
It is not until after the movie is over when the fun truly begins. For the most part, all the groups will head over to Friendly's, just a few yards away from the Ritz. Friendly's is the most happening place to go after the movies, especially to chat about the movie you saw. It is always busy with tons of people. You could see people there that didn't even catch a movie but just wanted to get a bite to eat. These people could be classmates, friends, or even teachers from school.
The food is always great and the dessert afterwards is a delicious treat. Sometimes kids, like me, will not get snacks at the theater and wait for Friendly's ice cream. They have great prices for kids my age that may only have so much money from their one job. You can even get a ten percent discount off your total bill if you bring in your ticket stub from the movie theater!
People are always happy and joking at Friendly's. Memories from there are still crystal clear in my mind. One in particular is my friends and I smiling and waving to another friend or teacher. Later we are laughing because we are struggling to get our money together to pay the bill. Or the toy machine making little kids whine to their mothers, 'Mom! Just one more dollar! Please!' I enjoy during the holiday season all the colorful paper stockings hanging up with the drawings that people made in town.
My Friday nights will always be remembered with going to the Ritz then to Friendly's. I will always hear in my head the happy laughter and chatting that those memories have created for me. I hope to go back when I am much older and see the new generation of youngsters who will remind me of my friends and I at one time in our young life.

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