My Uncle Bruzz

March 13, 2009
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My uncle Bruzz was the man. He knew everything there was to know about guns. He could take it apart the put it back together with his eyes closed. He started a hunting club called F-Troop. He taught all my uncles how to hunt and my dad to. Then he taught all my cousins how to hunt and he taught me and my brother to. He pretty much taught my whole family how to hunt.

He was always having fun no matter what he was doing. Whether he was shooting or hanging out. From reading this so far you might think he loved to hunt. He did, but there was one thing he liked more. Skiing. My uncle Jack told me a story about how he used to fly down the mountain. I would have loved to see that. All the snow flying up and him ripping threw the cool air. It would have been funny to see because he wasn't that big of a guy he was only like 5-7.

My dad and all my uncles built a log cabin. My older cousins helped build it, but I was just born. That's where they started hunting. I helped put the bar and the kitchen in. Then they started a tradition for Memorial Day. All the guys in the family go up for a week. They have been doing it ever since I could remember. Since my Uncle Bruzz started everything up there they named him the Pope of Potter County.

Charles Bruzz Dougherty died January 31, 2009. It was the day after his birthday. When he died he left behind 28 grandchildren 2 great-grandchildren a wife and a loving family. I'll never forget the things he thought me. And hopefully I will teach my children these things. I'll never forget him and I don't think anybody that meet him ever will ether.

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