Winter Park

March 15, 2009
By adam jensen BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
adam jensen BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Waking up on a nice warm summer day in Winter Park at my best friend's cabin is breath taking. The first thing we did that day was get on our mountain bikes and ride over to Starbucks. Then after our delicious drinks we headed over to the terrain park, we found ourselves at the downhill course. The park had rainbows, jumps, walls, and banks which were all pretty fun but dangerous at the same time. We were racing down the course when all of a sudden my back tire slipped out from under me, and I scraped the skin off of my knee. It ended up scabbing over and it hurt really badly. We rode our bikes back over to the cabin, so I could get my knee bandaged. After I was doctored up, we decided to go back down to the base and look for more adventures. We jumped on the giant trampolines, spun on the gyro ball, got lost in the maze and played a round of putt putt golf. I won our putt putt golf game and we ended up cheating on the maze. The gyro ball was also crazy I'm surprised I didn't throw up. We then decided to ride up the chair lift to go down the alpine slide, which was our favorite attraction of the day. We were the first ones up so we were able to speed down like the speeds of light without having anybody slow us down. After two more times speeding down we went up again and while we were on the lift we heard something weird sliding down the track. When we looked down we saw my cell phone sliding down the track. Cracking up laughing, I think I almost cried too. I wondered if my phone would be broken into a million pieces. When we reached the top of the lift I raced down the track as fast as I could. When I made it to the bottom I asked the worker if he had any phones and he said no so I went and asked someone else and he said that he had it. I reached out and took my phone, it was in one piece. Amazed that my phone had fallen thirty feet and landed in concrete and it still
worked. I was as happy as a little kid on Christmas morning. I ended up calling all my friends and then finally my dad. We were having such a great day that we tried to go up once more, but it ended up raining. We were stuck in a little hut with probably like forty people in it. It stunk literally and figuratively. We had to ride down the mountain in a bus which was actually pretty fun; and when we trekked back through the rain we hopped in the hot tub for a long muscle relaxing time. Packing up to leave is always sad but I always know that the next time I go I will probably have twice as much fun.

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