Karate, Weapons, and my Friend.

March 16, 2009
By , cincinnati, OH
On January 1st of 2006 a little girl started karate, of course she was a white belt...
the first time she went to test for a new belt, a red belt she felt so vulnerable, so weak, I could tell she couldn't even stand on her own two feet.
A boy two years older than she, she of course was 10, and he was 12, he walked up to her and asked "are you ok?..." she just stood there panicking, and as soon as he would have tapped her shoulder, she quickly turned around and as soon as that happened they were face to face, He would then blush, as so would this little girl.

The girl then backed up and bowed to this black belt still with her face burning bright red, all he did was laugh and scratch the back of his head "hey, don't worry about it!" he said still with a slightly pink face, "you look kinda worried are you ok?" the young boy says, the little girl manages to mumble "y-yes i-i-i-im just a-a little sc-sc-scared" he would then laugh harder "don't worry about it, you see that guy?" he would point to a large scary looking man with brown hair and dark blue eyes, he would have a black outfit on and a large black belt that looks very worn out and used a lot "that is our master, and he may look mean, but he really is a bid softy" he would say a quiet "...thank you..." would be heard from this little girl.
"no problem" he would say, he would also pat her on the head and she would hug him tightly "U-um" the young boy would then blush... "i-i will see y-ya in class" he would say with excitement in his voice, the girl would go through a lot of pain just to get a new belt.... it looks like she is determined and she defiantly is... it also looks like she may have made a new friend.

the years go by and the boy who is now 15 in 2009, and the girl is now 13... she would now tell him how she feels right before karate class, she starts to blush as she walks up to him "U-uhm, ok what i wanted to tell you yesterday, but couldn't...." she starts "yes?" he asks "alright... well i kinda didn't want to say it in front of my dad because then he would kill us both, and so..." she then starts to blush more "i-i really like you!" ...the boy looks confused then laughs a little bit "i like you too!" he states "n-no i mean.... i have a crush on you!" the boy looks surprised yet sad at the same time, there would be a long dramatic pause between the two of them... the boy then starts "i.... i uh... i have a girl friend" .... the girl smiles a bit "that's awesome!" she would say as she feels sad and a hint of guilt for now telling him... what would have happened if she had bit her tongue and said something else?

"i can help with your sparring (or fighting)" he says "i... i can help you with Bo too! (a long wood staff like weapon)" she smiles more and she hugs him "alright!" she says with a lot of energy and a whole lot of pep "lets go!" she says as she starts to walk off to their dojo (or karate school) he laughs and walks with her, thus ends my story of me and my best friend.

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