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   Kurt Cobain

by E. C., Roslindale, MA

I've decided to write about someone who was very special to me and I'm sure to a lot of you. He deserves an article of truth for once. After all, we all know Kurt was a wonderful person. He wasn't just a genius musician; he also knew how to make people feel what he was feeling through his lyrics. He was a real person with real problems and true, unhidden feelings. He faced many of life's mishaps and tried to deal with them the best he could until the pain was too much to bear.

Kurt never wanted to be idolized. He knew people aren't supposed to be idols because we're all the same and we all have problems and imperfections. The only way we could use Kurt as a role model would be to look at what a caring, thoughtful, and loving person he was. The fame and fortune never turned him into a selfish or self-centered man. He always respected everyone for who they were and that's why I've never idolized him. I've just respected him and grown to care for him in return.

Kurt's lyrics are the only thing that can ever make me happy when I'm depressed because to know that someone so far away and out of reach could be feeling the same way as I do was tremendously relieving. He always had a way with words. His songs always packed with passion and emotion even if he felt he lost it. He always seemed to survive and I guess that's what motivated me to go on.

Although Kurt gave up, I know I never will because if I can help people the way he helped me, then I want to move on for his sake. I only wish there was something I, or anyone, could have done to help him, but he was too dissatisfied with the world, life and himself.

So this is my way of saying good-bye, Kurt. I hope you're happier where you are now. I'm sure you are. A part of you has been born and grown in me that will never be lost and I hope none of your so-called "fans" ever lose that part of you either. There probably will never be anyone to come along again and touch your soul as deeply as Kurt did. So keep going on with depressing life and keep him in your heart forever. After all, "all in all is all we are." - Kurt Cobain

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