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Niskayuna High School

Niskayuna, NY

How do you enter a room? That's right, through a door. But how did you open that door? That's right, you turned the doorknob. You didn't think about it before now, did you? We didn't think so. If you had severe arthritis, you would never forget each and every doorknob you twisted. Gripping and twisting would be a difficult, painful action. We don't feel that anyone should be forced to endure this pain.

For this reason we invented EZ Door, a retrofit doorknob attachment. Made of rubber tubing and a wooden dowel, this product is a simple and inexpensive solution. EZ Door works by the principle that by increasing the radius of a doorknob, it diminishes the amount of force needed from the user. When EZ Door was brought to the homes of arthritic patients, they stood in awe at its simplicity and effectiveness.

Due to the fact that there are 37 million people in the United States with arthritis, and that one in three families are affected, we feel that EZ Door would be highly beneficial to the American public. Should EZ Door be implemented in the households of arthritis sufferers, it would alleviate their pain and slow the progression of the problem. The only other alternative would be replacing all the doorknobs in the home, but why do this when you can use an attachment like EZ Door?

Students: Melissa Frontino Kari Lewick Lisa Dellaquila Jessica Pearlman Teacher-Advisor: Anthony Lee Komon

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