My Baby MAG

By Anonymous

   My Baby
My love for you is unending
Yet sometimes wish you never came
You have made my life very complicated
What's going on here, anyway?
Shouldn't I be having fun?
I wish I could have done things differently
but there's no time for remorse -
I've got to change your diapers
It scares me to think that every decision I make now
will affect your life later
I pray that I can raise you right
and that you'll forgive me for my mistakes
Why don't you stop screaming?
You're much easier to love when you coo
Did I ever tell you that you look like MY mom?
When you grow up I'll teach you how to dance
I want so much for you, but I have so little to give
Maybe I'll explain this all to you when you're older

by Anon., Arlington, MA

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i love this so much!


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