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   On Tuesday, October 18, I walked into school and started hearing rumors that President Clinton was coming to Framingham on Thursday. At first, I tried to believe it, but I didn't think it was true. When I got to the band room that day, I asked someone if we were playing football or concert music. They said that we would have to learn "Hail to the Chief," because the President was coming and we would play it as he entered the gymnasium. On Wednesday, Mr. Kropp, the Freshman grade administrator, came to the band room with someone from the Secret Service, to see if we were good enough to play for the President. They applauded us as we concluded the song. After only two days of practicing, we were really good.

Finally, Thursday came and I had to be in the band room at 7: 20 a.m. (I had band first period anyway). We practiced a couple of times, then went down to the gymnasium at 8: 45 a.m. We had to bring our instruments through the metal detectors, which were off at the time, and leave our instruments for dogs to sniff for dynamite. Then we had to go through the activated metal detectors. I was nervous that it would be sensitive, and I would set it off. But I didn't, which was a big relief. Eventually we walked into the gymnasium, and set up. We had to stay there until the assembly was over. Finally, students started to fill the gymnasium, as we serenaded them with music from our football games. After a long wait, the Secret Service gave Mr. Perrone, our music director, the signal to start playing "Hail to the Chief." We started with the fanfare, and when they announced the President, we continued with the song. After we finished, Bill Clinton gave us a thumbs up, and said "Great music."

Later, during his speech, he complimented us again, and remarked that he had been in his high school band, and played the saxophone. After he signed the $60 billion Education Bill, Jeremy Spector, our Student Council President, had the honor of presenting Bill Clinton with a Framingham Flyers sweatshirt and hat. Meanwhile, the jazz band serenaded everyone with the song "Don't Stop" (Thinking About Tomorrow). After he shook many hands, the excitement died down. On Friday, Mr. Perrone commended us on our musical performance, and told us that the President enjoyed it. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to play "Hail to the Chief" to the actual Chief! c

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