March 4, 2009
By Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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The physical features of a cheetah are pretty interesting on how close the cheetahs' life is close to a cat.
If I was to guess how much a cheetah ways it would be about 200-250 pounds. But I wasn't even close. Their weight is as much as a 7th or 8th grader. Cheetahs way from 86 to 146 pounds! With 30 inches from one side of the shoulder to the other shoulder. Its life span is like a cat or a dog of 10-20 years. The Cheetah makes many different sounds like purring, hissing, whining, and growling. They have a special calling or warning that sounds like a bird.
Have you ever seen a cheetah run across the land stretching out as far as it can then jump and catch their prey. If you haven't, go to some website and check it out. You will not believe your eyes!
When a person says the word cheetah they mostly think of their great speed that they have. Which is true they are the fastest land animal of running up to 70 mph. that is one of the reasons that they are in the 'big five' animals in Kenya. People usually say 'I want to see them catch their prey on top speed.' Well, you can go out there and see the cheetahs catch their prey but you will never see it reach 70 mph. They only go half speed of 35mph on the chase.
Hunting animals for the cheetah may take about 1 to 1 ' hours after the see their prey. It takes so long because they have to creep up slowly without scaring their prey.
The cheetahs live on open plains so their coat of fur blends into the grass so they can't be easily seen by a prey or their enemies. When they see their prey the bend down so they can't be seen and slowly begin to crawl. It could take him/her 30 minutes to go 20 yards. When the time is right they spring up and charge. They go from 0-45 mph in 2.5 seconds. But then they slow down a little bit because they only go half speed while chasing their prey. They take really long strides. It almost looks like they're not even touching the ground. when they get close enough they take a big leap and bite their neck while taking it to the ground so they dies quickly with little pain as possible.
What type of prey they eat sort of surprised me but what even surprised me the most is what the do after they kill it. Hunting times are the same for all the cheetahs to go out and catch.
When cheetahs go hunting they search for medium sized animals like hares, impalas (African antelope with curved horns), wildebeest calves, and gazelles. After they catch their prey the take a 30 minute break before eating it. I would think because they lost all their energy so the needed to catch their breath. Cheetahs go hunting in the early mornings or the early evenings.
The cheetahs are pretty fast right. Well, they are running in the wrong the directions towards extinction. No help from us hunting them for their fur to sell in the market for money. And also for their meat to eat. That's like eating cat for food. Think of that, it makes my stomach feel weird just thinking of it. If the cheetahs become extinct they won't be able to keep the population of their prey from not over growing. Another reason why they are dying off is because they are cutting down the trees and building buildings where they live so they have to move till it happens again. If this happens to many times the cheetahs will come extinct. Some of the other predators that the cheetah has are eagles, hyenas, and lions.

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