I Feel A Song Coming On MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Backstage the noise is deafening. Thirty girls all trying to get to one mirror to put finishing touches on their makeup and make sure every hair is in order. All the girls except one. One little girl in the corner of the room all alone, putting on her jewelry and humming to herself. No one really notices her, she is just the average freshman. She sits in her own little corner waiting to go on.

When we are called, everyone runs to the stage. Except the one freshman. She slowly shuffles to her position, obviously nervous. The lights go down and the curtains open to display a sea of onlookers. The piano begins and the spotlight shines. Then from the small, shy little body comes a voice. A voice like no other, one so angelic everyone is immediately silent, afraid to make any noise for fear they might miss a note. The sound is so captivating that she, that nameless freshman, is the only person in the world at that moment. When the last note is song, the audience is silent. We try to catch our breath and dwell in the sound we just heard.

Then one single clap begins a sea of applause and soon everyone is standing. And that little freshman who sat alone in the corner, the one that no one noticed, now has a name. c

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i love this so much!


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