2016 Election

November 9, 2016
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On November 8, 2016 the election took place. Their where two major candidates running. A republican named Donald Trump and a democrat named Hillary Clinton. Their was a major conflict between the two. Wether it was at debates or on tv commercials. Although Hillary had many more supporters than Donald Trump in the beginning of the election. Trump all through the election gained more and more supporters. He gained so many supporters that the winning percentage became 50/50. Hillary at the beginning of the election was beating Trump by a close margin. But trump won a few states that put him in the lead not a large lead but he was in the lead. Mid way through the election Hillary regained the lead. The Democratic Party began celebrating because they though they had won the election but Trump won Florida and a few other states that put Teump in the lead. At the end of the election Trump was victorious.

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