American Car Companies

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

GM, Ford, and Mopar going out of business! It seems like these car companies are in desperate need of money and fast. Most people are starting to use more fuel efficient cars like the most fuel efficient car the Toyota Prius. With its 40 mile to the gallon fuel efficiency and gas prices going up who would want another car? You can drive around the U.S. and waste only 4 gallons (not literally). With the release of the American Hybrid cars it seems like that is still not good enough for them compared to the foreign cars. American car companies are finding themselves in deep trouble. Even with loans it still is not in enough to keep these companies in tact. These car companies are not just a dollar in debt they are more over in the billions; just Ford alone is about 10.4 billion dollars in debt. All in all, these car companies are desperate need of money.

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