Mouse Trap Adventure

March 18, 2009
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'Who's do you think is the best?' my friend Zach asked me.

'I think yours is, ' I replied. But I believed in my car too.
But we both knew that neither of us could race. We were standing by the cars we created in woodshop on race day. Let me tell you how it all started.

To make my mouse trap car, I used cardboard, two skinny little rods, three wheels, cotton balls, string and glue. My car went pretty far when I tested it out the first time but then the next day it broke inside my locker. So like any student, I was mad. So mad I could punch the counter top. (But that would hurt very bad.) Here I did all this work on it and now I can't race. It's a good thing my teacher gave us one extra day to finish up our cars. Luckily, I fixed it.

Then the day of the race I pulled it out of the locker. I expected this lovely, dusty piece of card board all fixed up and ready to race and the wheels fell off again. I couldn't fix it and couldn't race. Ahhh man! What a bummer! I wish I had brought a glue stick. I wonder who will win--because I knew I could have won the race. I think my car was the best. I worked on it so hard.

At the race this kid named Nate was the only one whose mouse trap car hit the wall. If you hit the wall, you get to go outside in the hall and race it. The score to beat was 84 feet. You had to get it past the girl's restroom. If it went any farther, then the girls at the end would open the doors to let it go outside. The winner just got to do nothing in Mr. Johnston's class the next day. Nate's only went 65 feet. He got a Tootsie roll and the rest of the day all of us got to talk to our friends and chew gum for working on the mouse car project.

Even though I never got to race, Nate is still a great guy and I'll get him next year.

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