November 8, 2016

To whom it may concern,

I was sitting in my history class when I realized that in the next term of the elections, I will be able to vote. This to me was a profound statement. And I thought, am I ready for that? I thought am I deserving of that? I, who sit in my bed every evening and let my brain and body that my mother grew me rot. I, who don’t even try to get all A’s in the classroom and don’t try to do any extracurricular activities even though I have the means to. I, who is slowly destroying themselves. Am I ready to fight for my right to a better society? For my right to a better country? Do I even have that right anymore?Do any of us, as the newest generation? Us? Who are the epitome of laziness? I thought back to all that I had been through, and this brought tears to my eyes. I am so ashamed. What am I doing with myself? Nothing. Even though I certainly have the means to. I could have the motivation to do anything. I have gone through experiences that could make grown men cry, and make other’s laugh, and say ‘that’s nothing’. It wasn’t nothing to me. I could change everything, and yet I don’t. Why? I could blame it on my generation, on my mother, on my father, on my situation but the truth is that it’s nobody's fault but mine. I choose to sit in my bed. I choose not to do anything with my life. But I know I can change. And I’m starting with this. I know you probably don’t care, or have already stopped reading, stopped wasting your time. And you know what? I don’t blame you. I would’ve walked away too. But this is my first step to trying to better my world. I hope you’ll take that step with me.



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