Friday Feeding Frenzy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   Every kid has a favorite day. Mine has always been Friday. Friday would occur in our home the same way every time. The lookout is posted at the window, carefully watching as one car after another approaches. As time ticks slowly by, the level of anticipation grows. Finally, the moment arrives - the maroon Buick Skylark pulls in. Responding immediately, the lookout gives the signal - "Mom's home!" A flurry of activity ensues.

My older brother, my twin brother, and the lookout (my younger sister), along with three of our friends (two of whom my mother probably has never met before), race out the back door to help her. She begins to thank us, but before she can finish, she realizes that we have already removed all of the groceries from the trunk of the car.

This day comes once a week, and my family and I have officially renamed Friday "Shopping Day." Shopping Day is like a social event to us - almost like having Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.

Food's unpacked, classified, and sorted out at rates of speed that make mass production lines seem slow and inefficient. Our friends' faces usually have looks of pure joy identical to ours as we pull out cereals of all colors, assorted boxes of cookies, ice cream, snacks and soda. While unpacking, I always remain alert to make sure that the places where the rest of my family hide their favorite foods will not be forgotten.

From the moment my mom arrives, we prepare ourselves for the upcoming "feast." Unfortunately, we cannot devour the goodies until my mother tells us the week's menu and which foods we can and cannot eat. After the announcement, the feeding frenzy can begin. There's always a huge variety of things to taste, to critique, and to open: Oreo cookies, Cookie Crisp cereal, potato chips, etc. Not surprisingly, we always find a new item.

Friday (Shopping Day), will always be my favorite day. Although, it's hard to believe that our kitchen can store what two shopping carts could barely hold. In our house, the feeding frenzy is a primal celebration, a feeling of security like the one you might encounter while sitting inside your home nestled in peaceful warmth, watching the worst blizzard you have ever seen rage outside. c

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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