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   Kids today are getting less and less interested in science. Finally, publishers and producers are getting smart. They are creating books, comics, and television shows that appeal to kids. This is great! When I was little, there were few shows or books that taught about science in a fun way, except, of course, Mr. Wizard's World. Mr. Wizard is a great teacher, but I wish he did more simplified experiments. He always talked about hydraulic acid or something I still do not understand.

Now, a great show for kids to watch, if they are interested in science, is Beakman's World. He does do complicated experiments, but he explains them in a way kids can understand. One time, for instance, he did a show on being healthy. He explained about fat and counting calories. Nutrition is something a lot of adults do not fully understand, and something kids need to know about.

There are also two comic strips in my local paper each week. One of the these talks about the earth and how to preserve it. The other gives step-by-step instructions for experiments. This is the easiest and most fun way to learn. Doing it yourself shows a hands-on way to learn. Being able to learn in their own house and teaching themselves make kids feel good about themselves. And in this hard-to-be-a-kid world, this is exactly what they need. u

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