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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I cannot believe how the time so cherished has flown by. We've taken the senior class photo, and when it comes to the cap and gown measurements, I'm still as short as I ever was. Our class T-shirt being the reminding symbol to the faculty that our time is just about up. Senior quotes will be immortalized as this is our last year book. All is perfect since now is the time to be accepted to college. While some will become the "The few, the proud and the brave," others will just settle down. But most are making plans to go into debt until mid-life for the sake of our education.

The other day at lunch, friends joked of how, when in junior high, we thought high school would be a certified nightmare. As freshmen we were indeed cocky, but as sophomores our world was changed as one of our very own was laid to rest. As life rushes by, everything is taken for granted and forgotten as we assume there will be others to follow. When someone dies that you didn't know, it's sad but it doesn't mean as much since people are dying everywhere. But when one of these people is the friend who sat with you every day at lunch and laughed at your corny jokes, it's shocking. For as immortal as we all thought we were, we all took it for granted that junior high would never end and that we would always be together.

I haven't forgotten her, but as with the rest of society I was expected to move on. I feel so old knowing that she died in 1992. Could it be three years when just yesterday she was stepping on the backs of my feet in a mock marching practice? June is just around the corner, and this time the diplomas that we reach for will not be imaginary. This time we will have had practiced until that march is just right. But how were we to know that some would have moved away and one would be there in spirit as she would be in our hearts? Madame Macho, she who was tough and always gave you courage while making you feel good about yourself, I know the class will pay homage as this was to be your crowning moment too. Your face will appear in the photos of the senior slide show. I have not forgotten.

We the class of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five will move apart from one another as we move into the world to complete our fates. Friendships that have been forever, will be rekindled years later at our reunion. We will have changed as we are not the same people we were in junior high.

To my special friend who helped me to improve my English, and whose silly sarcastic smiles made the world right, you are in my heart and we certainly won't lose sight of one another. You too will have been with us, having endured major hassles for a green and white polyester tassel. c

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