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   Guns, as everyone knows, are dangerous. Why teenagers go to so much trouble and expense to acquire one is beyond me. Many teenagers die because of guns, either by accident or on purpose. When teenagers choose to play with guns, they are also risking their lives.

My friend, Alonzo, was killed by a gun and perhaps he's the reason I feel so strongly against it. Alonzo was an average person. He was a junior in high school, had decent grades, many friends, a loving family, a job, and a girlfriend. Apparently one day at work, no one knows how or why, Alonzo bought a gun ( no one knows from whom).

On New Year's Eve, Alonzo's parents had some friends and family over. Alonzo's cousin (he's 11) was over. They were both in Alonzo's bedroom. Alonzo brought the gun out to show to his cousin. Next, Alonzo handed the gun to his cousin and let him play with it. Well, the gun happened to be loaded, and the cousin shot Alonzo right in the neck. Alonzo died on the way to the hospital. My message to teenagers who think guns are okay: You're wrong. You might think a gun is cool and not dangerous, but accidents are meant to happen. Alonzo and his cousin were just having fun and the next thing, Alonzo's dead. c

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i love this so much!

on Mar. 19 2014 at 7:52 am
So Alonzo was being an idiot, and didn't know how to properly use a gun. Instead of fighting against teens possesing weapons, how about writing something about teens having the proper know how of using a weapon, Instead of stating your opinion about pussying out on owning guns.


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