Death Surrounds Me

March 11, 2009
By Alora Hill BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
Alora Hill BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
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The warm summer heat radiated from the clouds, as I looked out the window I could see my siblings play in the pool. They loved the water, splashing, swimming, and screaming. These sounds became familiar to my ears as I watched. Still in my Pj's, I walked to the screaming kettle and made my afternoon tea. The warm tea satisfied my throat, I sat at the computer desk. As my mouse scrolled, it revealed pictures and comments left on my friend Mallory's Myspace. The song 'Angel' by Natasha Bedingfield blasted through my computer speakers. I was leaving her a comment- I knew she was on vacation, I just thought I would leave a little message to say that I missed her and I hoped she was having a good summer. Half way threw my comment to Mallory, my phone rang; it was my friend Dominique.
'Hey! What's up?'
'Alora'' Dominique said in a muffled tone, she sounded upset.
'What's wrong Doma?'
'One of my mom's friends just called'her daughter dances with Mallory.'

'She said that Mallory drowned while she was on a raft with her family'I'm not sure if that is the full story, that's just what I heard''
'What'NO. You're kidding'right?'
'I wish I you want me to come over'Alora?'

At that moment I couldn't think, yet I had thousands of thoughts running through my head- everything became silent. My body went numb and my sight fuzzy. Not another one! Not another person I care about! I screamed. Memories flooded my head'Casey'Cason'Mallory'gone. My grandma dying of Alzheimer disease, my cousin dying of cancer, everyone is leaving me. Each one of them had a piece of my heart- I felt my heart slowly ripping. I felt like I was going to burst ' the tears flooded from my eyes. I couldn't contain my screams, my cries. 'Why her God! Why her!' I looked up; the computer screen was still sitting the same way as it had before the call. The comment I was leaving her, now what was the point'she won't ever get it. Why her?
Who was going to leave me next? I felt as though death surrounded me. A feeling of darkness sucked me into its deep hole of sorrow. Moments later my mom rushed in. She had heard my screams and came to comfort me. This is the third time in a little more than a year that this has happened; she had started to become familiar to seeing me in pain. My mom pulled me out of my hole with her tight embrace. My body grew tense and then limp in her arms. In those few minutes another part of me died. Even today I am still scared of losing the ones I love. My heart is slowly healing, but will never be completely healed. Because of loss, I have learned to be thankful, thankful for everyone around you.

Life is too short to take the ones you love for granted; you never know when they will be gone.

The author's comments:
I have known four people to die in this past year and a half. My cousin and grandma are still fighting for thier lives. Many times people think "It wont happen to me, it won't happen to anyone i know". Death is a part of life that we all go through. So cherish the ones around you.

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artlover said...
on Mar. 20 2009 at 9:41 pm
wow, i cant even begin to tell you how good that is. i know what its like to lose people you love. what you said is really true too. you really never appreciate people until they're no longer there.

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