My High School Day

March 10, 2009
By Nidhin Kurian BRONZE, Congers, New York
Nidhin Kurian BRONZE, Congers, New York
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Monday. Monday morning. Waking up at six o' clock in the morning can be a real pain. Especially when you fell asleep late last night. This is a great way to start a day. Well, I do what I have to do, and wake up. I brush my teeth unenthusiastically. Throw on a t-shirt and some jeans. Shove my phone, my iPod, my lunch money, a pen, and a pencil in my pocket. I hear my mom get up. 'Turn on the car,' she says. I go downstairs, let the dog out of the cage, put it outside so it can do its business, then go turn on the car. I turn the heat all the way up, and then go back inside. My mom is making breakfast upstairs. Waffles. After I eat breakfast, I see it is already 7:15. Going to be late again' When school started, I would usually take the bus, but ever since it got colder, my mom would drop me off at school. I am always late to first period that way. Well, my math teacher gets used to it. My mom and me get in the car. She drives. At school, 'Bye,' I say. My mom answers with a nod. Monday. Monday morning.

First Period. Math. I walk into school. I say good morning to the security guard I walk by. 7:27. Down the stairs, I go. I open my locker and take out the binders I need for the rest of the day. I walk into math class, smiling as I give the note to my teacher. She smiles back, for this is nothing new. I sit in my seat and get ready for a new day. Time for the Do Now. I get it done, then copy down my homework, and then wait for the lesson to be over. After class I head to my locker to put away my math binder. I walk toward my second period class with my friends. One part of school is over. First Period. Math.

Second Period. Studio Ceramics. I took ceramics because I thought playing with clay would be fun. I thought clay was all we would be working on. I was wrong. We just finished our drawing project. Now we are working on tiles. I sit on my stool near my friends and wait for instructions. I work on the project while listening to my iPod. It can get very relaxing. When our teacher says it is time to clean up, I put back my materials and wait for the bell to ring. When it does, I meet with my friends and we walk to third period. We walk outside to get to it. That's one thing I like about high school. Another period, gone. Second Period. Studio Ceramics.

Third Period. English. It is another mellow period. But, I do not get to use my iPod here. My teacher can see everything. We are reading Romeo and Juliet. It is funny watching people mess up on the way to say stuff due to Shakespeare's weird sentence structure. I just lean my chair against the wall and relax. It is real easy to fall asleep this period since the room is always hot. After the period is over, I walk to the next class with my friends. Three down. Third Period. English.

Fourth Period. Lunch. This is one of the best times of the day. I walk there, buy some mozzarella sticks, a Switch drink, and then I go find a table with my friends. After we are all done eating, we go and hang out in the library. If we are lucky, we do not get kicked out before the end of the period. The library is a great place to take a nap, do some overdue homework, relax, and just talk. There is this French teacher that always keeps an eye on our little group. She can get a little scary at times. We manage to get through the period. We are halfway through the day. Fourth Period. Lunch.

Fifth Period. Global History. I consider this one of the worst parts of the day. Our teacher is so strict and yells a lot. She changed our seats recently. I sit in the very front. Great. Now I can't take naps anymore. Well, surviving through this period is tough. I try to raise my hand at least once or twice in the beginning of the period so she doesn't have to worry about me later. Well, my least favorite period is over. My friends and me walk toward the next class outside. Fifth Period. Global History.

Sixth Period. Japanese. Back in middle school Japanese class was mad fun. All we would do was make origami, watch movies, and eat delicious food. Then in eighth grade, it started getting annoying. The work was getting confusing and difficult. And in freshmen year, Japanese turned to a burden. There is only one Japanese freshmen class in all of the high school. Usually in class, I put on my hood, and sneak on my iPod, and just drift away. But other times, I listen. Japanese can also be really interesting. Our teacher makes it fun, usually. Sixth Period. Japanese.

Seventh Period. Gym. Today is an odd day for our cycle day schedule. That means I have gym today. Gym is a good place to let off some steam. You can give it your all here. We are playing volleyball. Our team is amazing. We always seem to come back even when we are losing. Good thing a lot of my friends are in my gym class. When we are done playing, we get changed, and go outside to walk toward our last period. On the way, I see some older kids. They are smoking. They walk by us as if everything is fine. My friends and me just give them a look that says, 'What the hell is wrong with you.' Well, that's high school. People make mad choices. Seventh Period. Gym.

Eighth Period. Biology. Finally, we are at last period of the day. This is also a mellow class for me. I pay attention here. Our teacher makes everything we are learning interesting. She explains stuff the way that makes us ask questions. There's one bad thing about Bio class. The place where I sit smells real bad' I think it's the person next to me, but I really don't want to break it to them. 2:00. The final bell rings. Time to get on our buses. Eighth Period. Biology.

Dismissal. Well, that's school for me. It's pretty much the same everyday. Except some days, I forget about homework'and that isn't good. High school careers can have problems that stress you out. But, there are also the fun things about high school. Good thing I only started high school. I have three more years to go. They will all be a different experience. I can't wait to wake up the next day. Dismissal.

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