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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Thoughts run through my head like wildfire as I wander down the hall to class. "What if I can't get a job? What will I do without money? What's wrong with my friends? Why can't I get along with my sister? Why is everything that was always stable in my life changing?" I walk into the room and dart to where my friends always sit.

"Guys, I've got problems! I don't know what to do with ..." I launch into a lengthy monologue. Before I can finish, class is starting. I stand and open my folder. I am starting to feel better; there is hope! Then the magical moment: we start to sing!

Nothing else matters in the world right now. I am enveloped in notes and words and music. I only think of what I am singing and how I sound. My voice cracks and we burst out laughing. I'm not warmed up. Not to worry, a few more "la's" and the cracks are gone.

Halfway through the next song, it's my time to shine. The director looks at me and smiles, while I take a deep breath. I open my mouth wide and begin my solo. Now all eyes are on me as I concentrate on making my voice as sweet as a bird. The director is grinning, so am I. There are no problems in my life and nothing in the world matters except the music I'm making.

The chorus joins me and we go on with the piece. All too soon it is 2: 05 and time to go home. We pack up our stuff and leave the room, but the music is not gone. We sing down the hall, until we split apart. As I walk to my bus, I sing to myself, but not loud enough for many to hear. Those who do may think I'm a lunatic; they don't realize I am carefree for those 40 minutes.

I step on the bus, still with the song in my head. I sit down and my friend asks if I found a job. Suddenly my problems reappear. I had lost them for a while, but reality has set in once more. I realize that I can't run from my problems forever, and we discuss my lack of funds.

Somehow, there is more hope now, at least for a while. It's as if everything will be okay, as long as I keep on singing. c

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i love this so much!


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