March 10, 2009
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Mom had just gotten married, and I was pissed. I didn't like him and sometimes even thought I hated him. I was starting a new chapter in life, first year in highschool, and I shouldn't have been trying to get use to a new parent. Freshman year, I began to act out, as most people put it. Really I was just showing my mom the hurt, she gave by marrying that man. So I began to drink, skip school, and party more. My mom became very disappointed, and so did I, not in myself but in her, she wasn't even worried about the reason I was acting this way. One day I decided not to come straight home from school, I stayed out to about 10. When I got home I was welcomed by my moms disrespectful husband with a smack, which turned into a punch then more punches. I was covered in bruises, purple and blue. The next day I returned to school and informed my counselor of what had happened. She called CPS, which is the Child Protective Services. The next day, they placed me in a foster home, which I hated. Living with people I barely knew was the worst for me. This experience turned me into a little of an antisocialist, because of me holding my guard up against everyone. My grades dropped and I was going down hill, all because my mom was in love, and the fact I made bad decisions which I regret. About eight months later I was reunited with my mom, and she finally realized that, that man wasn't right for her, and she divorced him. Even though we were happy, he wasn't gone, yea physically, but not emotionally. He had torn my mothers and I relationship apart. So first priority became building our relationship up. We began this by talking with each other more, and hanging out. A year later, my mother and I are the best of mother and daughter. And even though she's dating now, I respect that because she respects me!

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