Grandfathers Story

March 10, 2009
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My grandfather's name is Orville. He had seven brothers and three sisters; he was the middle child.

At the age of 5 or 6 he started going to school not kindergarten, because back then they didn't have kindergarten. He would deliberately ditch school to go hang out with other friends or just to get out of school. When he was a kid he would always play hooky from school and hid in the corn field. He would go to the bar with his friends and smoke. He says there is a major difference in schools now from then being a lot harder and more educational. His freshmen year of high school he dropped out of school because his brother was drafted into the army and he had to help on the farm. He had a horse named Baldy he would ride his horse to school every day, when he did go to school, that was his favorite horse. The hardest time he says for him was just trying to get through school, and trying to learn stuff in school.

One of the games he remembered playing all the time with his friends was going and grabbing a bull's tail and seeing who can hang on the longest. Although they knew their consequences for doing this they still played it for fun. When it was his turn to step up, he waltzed up to that bull and grabbed its tail and held on with all of his might! After a very short while the angry bull took back its leg and clobbered him in the mouth. He lost his most of his front teeth but the bits and pieces he had left of his teeth never were the same.

He was dragging Main Street one day and he saw my grandmother, Arlene, with a group of her friends and he picked her up and drove her around and they talked. They had been friends since they were little. As they grew to get to know each other they would go on dates to the movies, go out to eat, and grandpa would ALWAYS get a malted milk, and he loved strawberry sodas. What is now the bed and breakfast use to be a restaurant they would always go there to eat.

On June 18, 1950, at age 25, he and my grandmother got married. They had three great kids and they are still together this day.

He was just an all around normal kid in his day. More on the rebel side, but still a good kid and a great grandfather.

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