My First Dog

March 10, 2009
By Taylor Mackaben BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
Taylor Mackaben BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
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When I ran into the pet store, I heard dogs barking and crying. While I was walking through the pet food aisle I thought, 'I can't believe I am finally going to get a dog.' This was very exciting because at the time, I was twelve years old and I had been wanting one ever since I was five. The pet store smelled of bark dust and wet dogs. Looking in the dog's cages, I saw food bowls knocked down and water spilled all over them. I felt so sorry for all these dogs. I kept wondering what would happen if some of them never got sold.
With so many people talking, it echoed through the whole store. The only thing I could hear besides that was all of the noisy animals. I tried to tell my mom about the one on the very far left of the wall, which I thought would be a good dog. It was a little golden retriever puppy. This dog had quite large paws for a puppy. My mom and dad wouldn't let us get that one because it would turn out too big to be in our house.

As I stood there, a lot of the dogs went completely silent. I could still hear one crying right in the middle. I walked over there to get a closer look. Reading the description under the cage, I saw that it was a papillon. At the time, it only weighed about five pounds. This dog had four black spots. One on his back, one on his tail and one covering up each of his ears, which stood straight up. I ran over to my parents and my brother who were all looking at a beagle on the far left side of the wall.
'Guys, come here!' I shouted. I leaded them to the papillon sitting in the middle cage trying to get through all of the people all over the place. When I got them over there, we all looked over him causing a dark shadow to cast over his cage. The dog got scared and began to cry. I stuck my finger into the cage and the dog came over to us from the back of the cage. He sniffed my finger for a second and then began to lick my finger. After that, I knew that the dog really liked me and I could tell that he would be a perfect dog.
My mom asked, 'Do you like this one?'
I replied, 'Yes, can we please get this one?' After I finally got them all to agree to get this dog because it was easy to train and very small, we grabbed a leash, some dog food and other stuff for him. My mom unlocked the car and our new dog began to jump up and down. I could tell just by the way he was acting that he was excited to get to go home with us. And I think I was just as excited about it as he was. On the way home I read the page on papillons to see if I could think of a name for him. While doing that, the dog came over to me and leaned his head on my leg. We all thought that since he was a French dog, we should name him Pierre. I couldn't think of anything better, so I decided that sounded good to me. A couple days later, I was amazed at how fast he had been trained. I even taught him to sit within just two days. In my opinion, I don't think it would have been possible to find a dog as cool and smart as he is.

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