March 9, 2009
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I stare at the blank page, and words just aren't enough; from you, for me, from anyone. I loved the wind dancing with the trees, that distinct smell of chimneys pulling me indoors. I breathed to the rain's gentle song on the pavement slowly eroding the asphalt, uncovering more and more of paradise. Yes, the hum of the air conditioning put me to sleep and that one song could save me from anything. I was invincible, and it used to be enough.

Your eyes. A blue and yellow that I've never seen. I stopped, as my mind slowly transformed, deciding what is now enough and what falls short. My body found its target, my blood pumped just a little bit faster. Just a little bit more, and I would've overdosed, no, but I thought I was indestructible. It all changed in just half a dose.

I heard your name, and screamed in silence; begging for this torture of clandestine nature to stop. The stars are winking at us now, and life is throwing us our string to hold. I want to grab on for all that I'm worth and never let go. Yet there was always something holding me back; my impulse was strongly restricted. And I would plead, just let me go. But it didn't. I was trapped in a free world, waiting for you. That luck deemed itself a true form of false hope; you never saved me. No one did. I was left to struggle and figure out the true meaning of the lapse in blood when you passed by; alone. Alone, I stood before my deeply slanted realities. There's just something about you. There's this cunning charm chilling my spine that I can't control. And to think all along, I thought I was invincible.

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